What does self-improvement really mean?

Let's face it, we've all had a little bit more free time over the last number of months and the level of social engagements we are attending has declined dramatically. Commutes to work might have decreased or diminished altogether. With all this extra time, it may be an opportunity to focus on ourselves.


We're not talking weekly relaxing baths to unwind (although, luxury baths are optional!), we're talking about the subtle art of self-improvement. 

Self-improvement is defined as the activity of learning new things on your own to make you a more skilled or able person. It sounds daunting and by it's very nature, almost negative. You may think to yourself , "I'm skilled enough already", or "I don't have time for self-improvement." As daunting and time consuming as it sounds, it really isn't and can be as challenging as you want it to be. In fact,  in many cases it can be fun and fit right into your existing lifestyle. Here's some suggestions that might inspire you.

Read a book 

Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to, depending of course on the content. But even fictional books can inspire and ignite your creativity. They also make a nice change from a phone, computer or TV screen. 

Learn a new language

Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have the most native speakers of a language in the world. There are so many courses available to learn a new language and the internet makes this so much easier. Think of all the amazing conversations you might be missing out ! 

Have a weekly exercise routine

This one goes without saying, that exercise and being active is so beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Make your objective for exercising more about being healthier and feeling better. You will almost instantly begin to feel better once you start your routine. 

Create an inspirational room

Your environment sets the mood and tone for you. If you are living in an inspirational environment, you are going to be inspired every day. Maybe it's not possible to do a full room revamp, but even making an inspirational space for yourself to relax and collect your thoughts can be extremely helpful on your self-improvement journey. 

Wake up early

Waking up and getting up earlier than you normally would can help you be more productive throughout the day and help you achieve targets and goals you've set for yourself (think about your exercise routine ). Make sure you are getting to bed earlier too though, because getting enough sleep is so important. 

Stay focused with to-do lists

A to-do list is key for productivity, so if you aren't doing this already start it now. Even making a list as simple as "Exercise, walk the dog, 15 minutes of reading, work , food shopping, relax" will help focus you and help you feel a sense of achievement at the end of your day and week. 

Start a journal or blog

What a time to write about. This year has been unusual to say the least and one you may never forget. But, you might begin to forget the small details of how you have been feeling day-to-day or month-to-month. It's the perfect time to document those feelings either privately with a journal or more publicly if you feel like it, in a blog form. Not only can it be therapeutic but it will be something you will always have to look back on in years to come. 

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