How we developed Nuasan

It didn't just happen overnight. The Nuasan range was developed over four years and surprisingly it all started with beekeeping!

How did we get from bees to bodies?

Years of expertise using natural active ingredients in a completely different field, that of beekeeping, lead to the knowledge and experience needed to develop a natural and scientifically proven range of body care products for people.

In 2008, whilst traveling the world doing marine research I was also a part time beekeeper and acutely aware of the problems bees were having worldwide. Along with a number of top scientists I formulated a blend of natural extracts scientifically selected for bee health called HiveAlive. To date, it has protected over 6.5 million colonies worldwide.

Along my travels I picked up Athlete’s Foot somewhere which led to nail fungus. It was very hard to get rid of and the only products I could find to prevent it from happening again were all full of nasty chemicals. I tried some natural alternatives, but they didn’t improve the condition. I decided at that point that I wanted to develop a natural foot spray that would prevent fungal conditions of the feet.

Working with athletes and active people in developing this product I discovered that there were lots of products out there that said “sport” or “active” but they were just marketing gimmicks and actually did nothing. I decided active people needed better, myself included. After 4 years of working with scientific experts we developed a proven solution to prevent athlete’s foot, nail fungus and even foot odour.

But it didn’t stop there, now we were on a roll! We developed several other products to extend the range. Our Nuasan Active Body Wipes that are biodegradable, cool you down and again kill body odour so whether you are commuting to work, sneaking in yoga at lunchtime or racing off that plane for a meeting you can continue your day in confidence. We then developed our Nuasan Active Body Wash enriched with Arnica and Magnesium, that helps tired muscles recover faster and kills body odour so you feel and smell better for longer. Finally, our Nuasan Active Body Moisturiser that intensely recovers the muscles post activity and thoroughly nourishes the skin.

I grew up in, and have returned to, the west coast of Ireland, my home. It is here I can be true to myself, close to nature and inspired to continue to develop effective products tailored for active people that are a joy to use. Caring for our planet is hugely important to me. From wind powered offices to using recycled plastic and paper in our products, we do all that we can to minimise our environmental impact. But I believe instead of just minimising their impact, companies should have a positive effect and that is why we are donating 10% of our profits to climate change groups, it’s a small start but we are a small company and as we grow we will continue to do more.

Dara Scott


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