Nuasan, Our Story

Where did it all begin? A word from Dara Scott, Nuasan Founder & MD

I grew up in, and have returned to, the west coast of Ireland, my home. It is here I can be true to myself, close to nature and inspired by my surroundings. I always had an interest in environmental issues and felt compelled to turn my passions into my business.

Honeybees to human health, how did that happen?

With a background in science, I spent a decade working with an underwater research robot. I met amazing people and learned a lot. One thing that stands out in my memory is my first experience with honeybees and beekeeping. I was obsessed from the beginning and decided this was a hobby I wanted to bring home with me. As much as I loved travelling around the world, I missed my home and my family so I returned home in 2011

The missing link

I always naturally looked at ways of improving things with science. I noticed a need for nutritional supplementation for my beehives that would keep my honeybees healthy. I didn’t realise that in 2013, I was embarking on a journey that would see me and my team creating a market leading nutritional feed for honeybees called Hive Alive, that is distributed to 40 countries around the world.

Nuasan was born

Hive Alive harnesses the power of natural, active ingredients to keep honeybees healthy and thriving. It was time to take these learnings and apply them to a new category, bodycare for humans. Being an active and sporty person myself, I noticed that there was a need for tailored bodycare for active people that targeted the issues these people face on a regular basis as a result of the life they lead.


After four years of research and development, my team and I launched Nuasan Active Skin & Bodycare in January 2020. Needless to say, this year was a challenging time to launch a new brand. Nonetheless, we persevered, and the brand has grown from strength to strength thanks to our hard-working team, loyal customers and fantastic retail partners.

But it’s not just about bodycare…

Caring for our planet is hugely important to me. From wind powered offices to using recycled plastic and paper in our products, we do all that we can to minimise our environmental impact. But I believe instead of just minimising their impact, companies should have a positive effect and that is why we are donating 10% of our profits to climate change groups, it’s a small start but we are a small company and as we grow we will continue to do more.

Dara Scott

Founder & MD

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