Nuasan Webinar Series - From Hobby to Elite cyclists : tips from a cycling physio to improve performance, comfort & recovery

We had a fantastic evening with John Phelan, Physiotherapist and owner at Life Fit Physio and Bike Fit Physio who joined us on 7 March 2023 for the second edition of Nuasan Webinar Series titled – ‘From hobby to elite cyclists - tips from a physio to improve performance, comfort and recovery

Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us for the evening. Special thanks to everyone who sent in questions and interacted with us on the day, it really showed how interesting it was to listen to John! It was great to see how so many of you have taken up cycling as a hobby and were keen to delve deeper into the dynamics of it. We had some amazing insights from John who talked us through some simple yet effective ways of improving cycling performance. He also shared some brilliant tips on how one can prevent injuries while cycling alongside using Nuasan recovery products.

Be it hobbyists or the elites, this session was great for everyone to take some key learnings and implement it in their cycling pursuits. The webinar covered the following topics –

  • How to improve cycling performance by applying the right pedal techniques and strokes.
  • How to improve comfort by making your cycle custom fit for your individual cycling needs, from saddles to balance to shoes.
  • How to prevent injuries by proper strength training, breathwork and being in the right zone!

Plus there were some amazing tips from John about making the best out of your cycling training and race days!

If you missed the webinar, don't worry, the full recording is now available on YouTube. Click on the link below to watch. 



Special thanks to Joanne Murphy from Tri Talking Sport who, as always, was excellent on the mic!


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