New Year, Same You (but just moving more!)

Happy New Year from Nuasan

The funny thing about a new year is it often doesn't feel very different. Let's face it, 2020 went by in a flash with all of us living day to day not knowing what lay ahead. Not making plans, staying indoors and indulging in a lot of T.V and Netflix. 

If you have decided to use January 2021 as the platform for new resolutions, then that's great. If you haven't that's fine too. Active change often comes about with a shift in attitude. The good thing about a shift in attitude is it can happen any day, any time. Just because you may not have put down the tin of biscuits or shook the dust off your trainers this January 1st, doesn't mean all hope is lost. 

Below are a few tips that may help motivate you this month to get out there, get fitter and help you stay positive. 


Set Objectives 


If you decide you want to get fitter and exercise more, then that's really great, well done! Before you set off on your fitness quest, think about why you are doing it. Is it to:

  • Get fitter 
  • Lose weight 
  • Improve your mental health 
  • Hit some personal bests 
  • Improve flexibility and mobility

These are just some examples, but if you know why you are doing it, it makes it easier to track and figure out what is success to you. 


Get Some Company 

Unfortunately, right now gyms, group classes and team sports are on a temporary standstill. This shouldn't be a reason not to be active. Why not try listening to a great podcast? This can really help you feel as if you have someone exercising with you. If you're not into podcasts you could set up a music playlist instead. Spotify offers an array of ready-made playlists so you can just select and get going. 


Try Something Different 


Exercise doesn't have to mean running or going to the gym. 2021 may be the year you try something different. What about becoming a skipping pro? Or learn some new dances! Check out Tik Tok for some great inspiration. 


Try some dancing or skipping this New Year


Use a Fitness Tracker 


Fitness trackers make it much easier to track your activity each day. They don't need to break the bank with some trackers coming in at under €20/£20. If you don't fancy investing, you can actually track steps and activity with your phone using apps such as Runtastic and My Fitness Pal. 


Try a fitness tracker to keep track of those steps and activity



Remind Yourself of Your Progress 


Instead of making yourself feel bad because you may not have reached the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning, why not try looking at how far you've come? Remember, every move you make and every step you take (sometimes we can't resist a cheesy reference) is good for your body and mind so praise yourself for that. 


Nuasan Active Bodycare 


Nuasan Active Bodycare is one resolution you're going to want to keep this 2021.


It goes without saying Nuasan is a great addition and one resolution you are going to want to keep. Our range of active bodycare products are a perfect addition to your new fitness regime. Nuasan Active Body Wash is enriched with arnica and magnesium to soothe sore and tired muscle and cleanse the skin, great for keeping skin and body in check after your home workout, run, skipping...whatever!  Nuasan Active Foot Care cares for feet and protects them from nasties so when feet get sweaty in your trainers, make sure you keep them safe. Nuasan Active Body Wipes are the perfect post movement cleanse especially when you don't need a full body shower but want that fresh feeling. You probably spent December shopping for everyone else so January is the time to treat yourself with the Nuasan Active Bodycare Kit. It comes with Nuasan Active Body Wash, Nuasan Active Body Wipes and a luxury microfibre towel. 


Thanks for reading and of course, Happy New Year!


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