Nuasan Post Exercise Care Kit



This set is worth €44.95 /£40 - your saving €4.95! /£5

The Nuasan Post Exercise Care Kit comes with all you need to keep your skin and body cleansed, hydrated and protected. The kit comes with a full sized Nuasan Active Body Wash and full sized Nuasan Active Body Moisturiser

Did you know?

Sustainability is massive at Nuasan. We donate 10% of our profits to climate action groups and sustainable charities. As well as that, 75% of our bottles are made from recycled plastic and all of our packaging is sustainably sourced.

Post-workout pampering sorted!

The Nuasan Post Exercise Care Kit provides you with the tools to care for your body after a tough workout, hard day at work or simply a pampering pick me up!


Did we mention, all of our skin and bodycare products smell amazing. Don't believe us, check out our customer reviews.


What's in our Nuasan Post Exercise Care Kit?

Nuasan Active Body Moisturiser

A luxurious moisturiser enriched with an exclusive blend of active ingredients for total post activity bodycare.

Contains highly concentrated Magnesium & Arnica to recharge sore, tired muscles.

Sustainably sourced Macadamia, Oat & Macro-Algae hydrate, soothe & nourish the skin.

Nuasan Active Body Wash

A revolutionary body wash enriched with Magnesium and Arnica to quickly relieve sore muscles and tired muscles and help you recover quicker.

L+pH Control®, our unique naturally antibacterial ingredient, tackles problems caused by sweat to give you long-lasting body freshness, super soft skin and fewer breakouts.

Macro-Algae and peppermint leave skin hydrated, refreshed and revitalised.

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