What is Athlete’s Foot and how is it treated?

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis (or you may have heard people describe it as foot fungus, foot fungal infection or itching between toes) is a fungal skin infection of the feet that typically starts between the toes. It is believed that 70% of the population is infected by Athlete’s foot at some stage of their life (i), so if you suffer with athlete’s foot, there is no reason to feel you are the only one!

Symptoms of athlete’s foot?

You might ask, how do I know if I have athlete’s foot? The symptoms can vary from person to person. You may only have some of these or all of them, it really depends on the individual and how developed the condition is. The symptoms include:

  • Itching of the feet
  • Itching between the toes
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Rash on the feet
  • Painful, burning sensation of the feet
  • It may cause ulcers and blisters of the feet
  • Bad foot odour

Who is at risk of getting Athlete’s Foot?

Anyone is at risk of developing athlete’s foot at any stage of their lives, but it is more common in people between the ages of 31 and 60 (ii) but also those who have higher levels of trauma to the feet, sweating, wear occlusive footwear or expose their feet in communal areas (iii). It was found that 31% of marathon runners in a survey had clinically identified tinea pedis / athlete's foot (iv). 

A study found that swimming pool employees are 15 times more likely to have athlete’s foot (v). So, anyone who exposes their feet in any communal area, run a higher risk of getting the condition.


Athlete’s foot treatment?

People are often searching online for “How do I treat athlete’s foot?”, “How do I cure athlete’s foot?” or “How do I get rid of athlete’s foot?” and are clearly concerned about their current foot condition.

Nuasan Active Foot Care is a quick-drying foot spray created to eliminate the bacteria that causes athlete's Foot. It has been scientifically proven to protect your feet from nasties, gets rid of hard skin on the feet and eliminates existing foot odour, as well as continued protection against dreaded smelly feet.

Say goodbye to foot dour and athlete's foot. This foot spray works as a preventative tool, so with continued use, you never have to say hello to these issues either!

The total care solution for your feet, Nuasan Active Foot Care promotes excellent foot hygiene and:

  • Is an Anti-bacterial foot spray
  • Is an Anti-fungal foot spray
  • Prevents itchy feet
  • Eliminates smelly feet and protects against returning foot odour
  • Hydrates & moisturises the skin & prevents dry skin on the feet
  • Contains natural active ingredients including our L+pH Control (AHA/Lactic Acid), Vitamin E, Menthol, Thymol, and Tea Tree Oil
  • Promotes beautiful skin & nails
  • We're so confident you will see the difference when using Nuasan Active Foot Care that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

If your condition is causing you a lot of pain, it is important that you see your GP or footcare specialist and get a medical recommendation. Nuasan Active Foot Care will work well as part of your overall foot care routine in the long-term to help prevent picking up the condition or prevent any reoccurrence of athlete’s foot.





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