A day in the life of a yoga teacher

We are absolutely delighted to be collaborating with the fabulous Margaret Young and sponsoring her yoga workshops coming up this October 30th and Friday December 4th. Margaret set up a new business during the pandemic and is an inspiration to all with her hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm (not to mention yoga skills!).

She has kindly put together a blog showcasing a day in her life and how she has incorporated Nuasan into her daily routine.


I start my day walking my rescue dog Kali. We walk around my neighbourhood and sometimes head to a local field where wild blackberries grow. At this time of year, there are plenty there so if I have time, I will fill a jar but often I just pick a few for myself and Kali as we are walking. This is one of the reasons I grab a Nuasan active body wipe when packing my dog-walking bits and pieces. The aloe in the wipes soothes as it cleans. They are just handy to have in my back pocket when out and about with a dog. Trust me on this!



This morning I am teaching yoga and meditation at one of my favourite studios. With social distances and extra hygiene measures in the studio, my priority in between classes is airing and cleaning the space, leaving me with only a few moments for myself. So in between yoga classes I wipe over pretty much any skin that is visible on my body with a Nuasan active wipe. Obviously, arms pits are the priority here! The bamboo and peppermint leave me feeling clean. I spray my feet with the Nuasan active foot care and I’m ready to go again, feeling fresh and refreshed going into the next yoga class.


In between the meditation classes I just use the foot spray. We yoga teachers spend a LOT of time in our bare feet and a lot of time in poses where we are gazing towards our feet, so foot care is higher on the list for us than for most people perhaps. I have to be honest, although I am a beauty product lover,  I am a little lazy when it comes to creams and lotions, so a spray is ideal for me. The active foot care bottle contains 300 sprays, so it lasts and lasts. If it's missing from my yoga bag, I know it because my husband stole it, he loves it too!  


Today I grab lunch on the go, I know if I need to pop into a shop for supplies, I will be clean and fresh.


After a long drive home, I am ready for an afternoon sea swim with a friend. After twenty minutes of splashing in the waves I’m cold and ready to get dressed asap. Now you might think you would be clean after a sea swim but there are random bits of seaweed stuck to my limbs, I’m tacky and I have sand stuck to my feet, so in place of a shower, a Nuasan active body wipe does the job nicely. I’m dressed again and can grab a take-out hot drink to warm up from a kiosk, knowing I don’t smell fishy!


Finally, I’m home for a well-earned warm shower and a final spritz of the foot spray before the PJs and slippers go on ready to chill.


Thanks again Margaret for your fantastic blog post! 


Make sure to check out her workshops on www.wildsoul.ie


Friday 30th October at 8pm 

Friday 4th December at 8pm

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